I have here in my hand, a list of 132 card-carrying members of the Communist Party...

I prefer:

"Looky there, Melvin! It's one of them thar Com- mu-nists mah daddy warned me about! I hear you can get a SOCIAL DISEASE from one of them!"

"Well, Ferguson, I'd rather get a social disease from a Com-mu-nist than from muh sheep or muh sister..."

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The MAGA idiocy and hypocrisy can be easily highlighted with a simple 2018 photograph I have and I can’t post it here of Donald Trump hugging the most brutal COMMUNIST dictator on the planet as we speak, Kim Jong Un, in Singapore and saying that he trusts him and understands him and Kim “gets it” and “we fell in love”.

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The entire Republican Party today is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect: A cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. In this instance, “Communism,” which for the MAGAts is a proxy for anything progressive or egalitarian.

I seriously doubt that even 1% of those on the left advocate for “state-owned means of production,” which is the essence of Communism. In other words, even those of us who are moderate are still in favor of capitalism—for the many, not the few. Isn’t that obvious? Again, I would invoke the Dunning-Kruger Effect to explain the response of Trump supporters.

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Truth! From 2016-2020 we were all defined as socialists to which they applied the false equivalence of being fascists via the Nazi National Socialist program (yeah, socialism is to socialists is to…? Go figure). In 2020, marching in protest of the murder of George Floyd, we morphed into Marxism behind the banner of BLM Marxist leaders, perpetuating all of the violent “marxist riots”, destroying cities & “coming after you in your neighborhood”. And today we have been newly tagged as “commies”. It is mind-boggling considering who their heroes are, or more accurately, who are the state leaders that are the subject of their maga cult leader’s adolescent fanboy adulation & subsequently theirs as well (it’s a cult after all). They are most of the authoritarian dictators/wannabes of the world’s communist (now or previous) nations.

And they refuse to see the hypocrisy & outright stupidity in all of it!🤦🏼‍♀️

Dunning-Kruger indeed!

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Well written. Thanks!

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Thanks Nina for another exceptional piece! The blame the Commie game, yet another ruse by the right wing fascist GOP and their orange cult leader!

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It’s not Communism we should be concerned about, but fascists like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump who are using techniques that the Communist-controlled KGB* developed and successfully used against us and our NATO allies from 1959 on. Techniques like disinformation, “active measures,” and strategic deception counterintelligence operations. *Today’s SVR and FSB

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Thank you for this reminder of the absurdity of the rightwingnut claims. Truly, they are ill-informed as to the nature of communism as well as being whipped to a blind fury by fear-mongering manipulators. As always, your words are delectable and so very to the point.

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Considering that our right-wing pundits openly flirt with fascism if not embrace it outright, it makes sense they would hate communism. Keep your eyes on the ball

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FASCISM by any other name is still FASCISM. “Libertarian,” unbridled capitalism is FASCISM: Corporate billionaires pulling the strings of their installed puppets in order to funnel money away from public, civic investment and into their own pockets. They attack infrastructure, education, healthcare, social safety nets, environmental policies—billionaires want it all for themselves.

2008 wasn’t so long ago—does anyone REALLY want corporations to manage Social Security? Jesus Christ—even the SEC was endorsing those “mortgage backed securities” and they’re back again, disguised by a different name.

The RNC is essentially an organized crime syndicate run by Fascist billionaires who install puppets. Call them what you will—it’s fascism. The lead economist who brought this into the 21st century was James Buchanan; Charles Koch took over the application and management of installing fascism, and one source used to apply methods came from Lenin: How to get a mass of people to back policies that will harm their interests. Religion is one method. Fear mongering is another. Read “The Shock Doctrine” and “Democracy in Chains.”

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If you enjoy reading fact based espionage thrillers about the likes of Philby, of which there are only a handful of decent ones, do try reading Bill Fairclough’s Beyond Enkription. It is an enthralling unadulterated fact based autobiographical spy thriller and a super read as long as you don’t expect John le Carré’s delicate diction, sophisticated syntax and placid plots.

What is interesting is that this book is so different to any other espionage thrillers fact or fiction that I have ever read. It is extraordinarily memorable and unsurprisingly apparently mandatory reading in some countries’ intelligence agencies’ induction programs. Why?

Maybe because the book has been heralded by those who should know as “being up there with My Silent War by Kim Philby and No Other Choice by George Blake”; maybe because Bill Fairclough (the author) deviously dissects unusual topics, for example, by using real situations relating to how much agents are kept in the dark by their spy-masters and (surprisingly) vice versa; and/or maybe because he has survived literally dozens of death defying experiences including 20 plus attempted murders.

The action in Beyond Enkription is set in 1974 about a real maverick British accountant who worked in Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) in London, Nassau, Miami and Port au Prince. Initially in 1974 he unwittingly worked for MI5 and MI6 based in London infiltrating an organised crime gang. Later he worked knowingly for the CIA in the Americas. In subsequent books yet to be published (when employed by Citicorp, Barclays, Reuters and others) he continued to work for several intelligence agencies. Fairclough has been justifiably likened to a posh version of Harry Palmer aka Michael Caine in the films based on Len Deighton’s spy novels.

Beyond Enkription is a must read for espionage cognoscenti. Whatever you do, you must read some of the latest news articles (since August 2021) in TheBurlingtonFiles website before taking the plunge and getting stuck into Beyond Enkription. You’ll soon be immersed in a whole new world which you won’t want to exit. Intriguingly, the articles were released seven or more years after the book was published. TheBurlingtonFiles website itself is well worth a visit and don’t miss the articles about FaireSansDire. The website is a bit like a virtual espionage museum and refreshingly advert free.

Returning to the intense and electrifying thriller Beyond Enkription, it has had mainly five star reviews so don’t be put off by Chapter 1 if you are squeamish. You can always skip through the squeamish bits and just get the gist of what is going on in the first chapter. Mind you, infiltrating international state sponsored people and body part smuggling mobs isn’t a job for the squeamish! Thereafter don’t skip any of the text or you’ll lose the plots. The book is ever increasingly cerebral albeit pacy and action packed. Indeed, the twists and turns in the interwoven plots kept me guessing beyond the epilogue even on my second reading.

The characters were wholesome, well-developed and beguiling to the extent that you’ll probably end up loving those you hated ab initio, particularly Sara Burlington. The attention to detail added extra layers of authenticity to the narrative and above all else you can’t escape the realism. Unlike reading most spy thrillers, you will soon realise it actually happened but don’t trust a soul.

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A Wonderful and Informative Piece.

We all need to stay abreast of the current group on which to focus our hatred. Hate is always the best vehicle for diverting our attention from the man behind curtain.

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