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American Freakshow's One-Year Anniversary

American Freakshow's One-Year Anniversary

An Audio Edition and a Contest with Prizes

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the American Political Freakshow. I wrote the first essay last April on impulse after reading news of the Nazi linens collected by Texas moneybags Harlan Crow, the “Dallas Trump” who, besides a lot of Lone Star State real estate, holds a little time share on the Supreme Court in the form of Justice Clarence Thomas.

A Nazi table linen collection and a Supreme Court Justice! Who does that?

Nothing about MAGA times or people is normal, and it’s important for us to remember that every single day as we approach the event horizon of November. Hence, Freakshow, a weekly (or sometimes more) tour behind the ferris wheel to the greasy tent where the creeps of Trumpworld congregate.

Since last April, we’ve had a look at CPAC Superfreaks, some of the Creepy Butlers who serve the billionaires, the faux revolutionary Fascist Bobblehead Dolls, Tucker Carlson’s and the Cavemen, Swamp Critters of Texas, the Fascinating Fascist Femmes, the J6 Disinformation Bodysnatchers, the 5G conspiracy zombies, The Walking Dead Gun Lobbyists in Tennessee, Slenderman Jared Kushner, Trump’s billionaire American Gargoyles, MAGA’s Pedo Projection Habit, and many more astounding spectacles.

And we’ve barely begun. The Freakshow catalog is far from complete.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my followers and subscribers. Your support means a lot to me personally. It’s been encouraging to know that, as one of my favorite fellow substackers, lawyer Joyce Vance, always notes in her sign-off, we’re in this together.

I didn’t know much about this platform when I started, but I’ve found some writers that supplement and make sense of the news, including Lucian Truscott, Spytalk, Prevail, Lucid, The Corsair, The Warning, and of course Letters from an American.

In the months to come, I’ll add new features, including more audio and some conversations with interesting, well-informed guests.

For now, for your ears, my reading of the latest Freakshow, recorded on the scenic banks of the Delaware River in upstate New York.

And, for your eyes, a bonus snapshot below (thanks Ron Filipkowski) of some of the plastic-fantastic critters at Mar a Lardo last weekend.

For the sporting among my paid subscribers (extra thanks! to you), a caption contest and chance to win a free signed copy of my book, The Trump Women: Part of the Deal. Please post all snark and cleverness in the comments thread and I and my panel of judges will reward the five funniest.

Enjoy. And thanks for subscribing.

What is this? Photo Credit: @ronfilipkowski on X April 13, 2024

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American Freakshow
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